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Security & Privacy

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We at Vaughan Shoes respect your right to privacy and comply with our obligations under the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2002.  The purpose of this Website Privacy Policy is to outline how we deal with any personal data you provide to us while visiting this website.



We’ll always keep your data safe and secure. 

To keep you up to date, here’s why we need it and how we use it.


1. The good stuff
We will only use your data to up your experience.
2. Locked down
We’ll protect your data like it’s our own.
3. Straight talking
We’ll always talk your language and have your back – no nonsense, no surprises.
4. No spam
You decide what and how you hear from us.
5. Just the essentials
Your info won’t just hang about – if we don’t need it, we’ll delete it.

Protecting Your Privacy
At Vaughan Shoes, we are 100% committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and site visitors (yes, we mean you). The Vaughan Shoes team members are customers themselves, of both Vaughan Shoes and other internet sites – so we totally appreciate and respect how important privacy is. If you have any questions about how we Protect Your Privacy, drop us a line at
For all our services, the data controller — the company that’s responsible for your privacy— is Vaughan Footwear Ltd.

• How we use your information
• Sharing your information
• Marketing messages
• Seeing adverts for Vaughan Shoes online
• Keeping your information
• Your rights
• Changes to how we protect your privacy
• Cookies
• How to contact us

How we use your information
We use your information in a number of different ways — what we do depends on the information.


Your name and contact details i.e.address, mobile number, email address, order history details.
Deliver your purchases to you.
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you (it’s a bit hard to send your order if we don’t use your name and contact details!)

Send you service messages by text or e-mail such as order updates.
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you (so you can tell when your order is coming)

Sending you information by email, SMS, or post, about our new products and services
To keep you up to date. We only send this with your permission

Fraud prevention and detection.
To prevent and detect fraud against either you or Vaughan Shoes - unfortunate, but absolutely essential.
Showing you Vaughan Shoes adverts as you browse the web.

So you can see our latest products and deals.

Finding out what you, and other customers like to ensure we are giving you what you want, and to stay ahead of the competition

Your payment information
This means your card’s security/CVV code, don’t worry, we don’t keep them.
How we use your payment information
Take payment, and give refunds
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you — we’re not giving all our stuff away!
Fraud prevention and detection
To prevent and detect fraud against either you or Vaughan Shoes - unfortunate, but absolutely essential

Our website accepts via Paypal. We don't record your credit card details in our database as we just pass these to Paypal. More information can be found here:

Our website uses Authipay for accepting credit/debit card payments. We don't record your credit card details in our database as we just pass you over to Authipay's servers when we need you to enter your credit card details. They collect and confirm your card cdetails against your bank before passing you back to our website to complete your order. More information about authipay can be found here:

Your contact history with us
What you’ve said to us — for example, over the phone, on instant chat, or on social media.
How we use your contact history
Provide customer service and support.
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you, after all, you expect the best service from us.
Train our staff.
So that, when you contact us, you get the best possible customer service.
Our Pubble live chat app will only collect, process or use Personal Data for the purposes of providing the Services. Pubble does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your personal information to third parties in any manner that could be harmful, dangerous or violating your privacy.

Purchase history and saved items
What you’ve bought and what you’ve stored in your basket for another time.
How we use your purchase history and saved items.
Sell you things.
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you — if you can’t put stuff into a basket, you can’t buy it!
Provide customer service and support, and handle returns.
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you.
Finding out what you, and other customers, like to ensure we are giving you what you want, and to stay ahead of the competition.

Information about your phone or laptop, and how you use our website
Information you give us when you browse our site including your IP address and device type and, if you choose to share it with us, your location data, as well as how you use our website.
How we use information about your phone or laptop, and how you use our website.
Improve our website and set default options for you (such as currency)
To give you the best possible shopping experience.
We use Nosto to personalise our customers shopping experience. We also use the information that a customer enters prior to check out to send the customer an email with links to all the products that they had in their basket. This allows you to order quickly if you change your mind.

Protect our website
To prevent and detect fraud against either you or Vaughan Shoes – unfortunate, but absolutely essential — and to meet our legal obligations about looking after your data.

Information from accounts you link to us
Your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions.
How we use your responses to surveys, competitions and promotions.
Run the survey, competition or promotion.
We’ve got to do this to perform our contract with you — if we can’t use your entry, you can’t possibly win!
You don’t have to give us any of this personal information but if you don’t, you may not be able to buy from the site, and you are unlikely to receive our optimal overall customer experience. But that is your choice – and we respect that.
We also anonymise and aggregate personal information (so that it does not identify you) and use it for purposes including testing our IT systems, research, data analysis, improving our site, and developing new products and services. We share this anonymised information with third parties, only to improve your shopping experience with Vaughan Shoes.

Sharing your information
We do not, and will not, sell any of your personal data to any third party – including your name, address, email address or credit card information. We want to earn and maintain your trust, and we believe this is absolutely essential in order to do that.
However, we share your data with the following categories of companies as an essential part of being able to provide our services to you, as set out in this statement:

Companies that do things to get your purchases to you, such as payment service providers, warehouses, order packers, and delivery companies. We use DPD and An Post to send you your order. Over time we may update our list of preferred delivery services to bring you the best possibleservice we can. Any changes will always be listed here on our website.

Professional service providers, such as marketing agencies, advertising partners and website hosts, who help us run our business.
Credit reference agencies, law enforcement and fraud prevention agencies, so we can help tackle fraud.
We may provide third parties with aggregated but anonymised information and analytics about our customers and, before we do so, we will make sure that it does not identify you.

Marketing messages
If you have said we can, we’ll send you marketing messages by email, text, to keep you aware of what we’re up to and to help you see and find our products. We use Mailchimp for our email marketing and Zinmobi for our text messages.

A customer may subscribe to our marketing email via 

The checkout process

Sign up to our newsletter form (V Club)

Create an account/register


How to stop marketing messages from Vaughan Shoes
You can stop receiving marketing messages from us at any time.

To unsubscribe from text marketing follow the unsubscribe instructions at the end of our text messages.
To unsubscribe from email marketing click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any email.
To unsubscribe from both email & text marketing contact

Once you do this, we will update your profile to ensure that you don’t receive further marketing messages.
Please note that, as Vaughan Shoes comprises a complex web of many inter-connecting services, it might take a few days for all our systems to be updated, so you might get messages from us while we process your request.
Stopping marketing messages will not stop service communications (such as order updates from Vaughan Shoes).

We use Trustpilot to display our customer ratings and reviews. This is important feedback to help us understand where we can improve and deliver the best possible customer service we can.
You can read more information here


3rd Parties and the way we use personal data
Personalisaton – Nosto
Review Platform – Trustpilot
An Post & DPD Couriers
Pubble (Live Chat)
Zinmobi (Text Service)


Seeing adverts for Vaughan Shoes online.
We also engage in online advertising, also to keep you aware of what we’re up to and to help you see and find our products.

Like many companies, we target Vaughan Shoes banners and ads to you when you are on other websites and apps. We do this using a variety of digital marketing networks and ad exchanges, and we use a range of advertising technologies like web beacons, pixels, ad tags, cookies, and mobile identifiers, as well as specific services offered by some sites and social networks, such as Facebook’s Custom Audience service.

The banners and ads you see will be based on information we hold about you, or your previous use of Vaughan Shoes (for example, your Vaughan Shoes search history and products you have previously clicked on.

We record all activity on our website with Nosto, our personalised engine, which allows us tailor the offers displayed to you based on products and categories that you have shown an interest in on our website.

Google Analytics
We record all activity on our website with Google analyticswhich allows us to deliver the best customer experience to you, we do not send any personally identifiable information to Google Analytics.

Keeping your information
We’ll hold on to your information for as long as you have your account, or as long as is needed to be able to provide the services to you, or (in the case of any contact you may have with our Customer Care team) for as long as is necessary to provide support-related reporting and trend analysis only.
If reasonably necessary or required to meet legal or regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our terms and conditions, we may also keep hold of some of your information as required, even after you have closed your account or it is no longer needed to provide the services to you.

Your rights
You have a lot of rights relating to your personal information:
The right to be informed about how your personal information is being used (like this notice!)
The right to access the personal information we hold about you.
The right to request the correction of inaccurate personal information we hold about you.
The right to request that we delete your data, or stop processing it or collecting it, in some circumstances.
The right to stop direct marketing messages, which you can do through My Account, and to withdraw consent for other consent-based processing at any time.
The right to request that we transfer or port elements of your data either to you or another service provider.
The right to complain to the Data Protection Commissioner.

Changes to how we Protect Your Privacy
We may change this page from time to time, to reflect how we are processing your data.
If we make significant changes, we will make that clear on the Vaughan Shoes website or by some other means of contact such as email, so that you are able to review the changes before you continue to use Vaughan Shoes.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is downloaded onto ‘terminal equipment’ (eg a computer or smartphone) when the user accesses a website. It allows the website to recognise that user’s device and store some information about the user’s preferences or past actions.

What about cookies?
We use cookies when you visit our site. There are four main types of cookies – here’s how and why we use them.

(1) Site functionality cookies – these cookies allow you to navigate the site and use our features, such as “Add to Basket” and “Save for Later (Wishlist)”.

(2) Site analytics cookies – these cookies allow us to measure and analyse how our customers use the site, to improve both its functionality and your shopping experience.

(3) Customer preference cookies – when you are browsing or shopping on Vaughan Shoes, these cookies will remember your preferences (like products or brands you have previously interacted with so we can make your shopping experience as seamless as possible, and more personal to you.

(4) Targeting or advertising cookies – these cookies are used to deliver ads relevant to you. They also limit the number of times that you see an ad and help us measure the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

By using our site, you agree to us placing these sorts of cookies on your device and accessing them when you visit the site in the future. If you want to delete any cookies that are already on your computer, the “help” section in your browser should provide instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies. Further information about cookies can be found at . Please note that by deleting or disabling future cookies, your user experience may be affected and you might not be able to take advantage of certain functions of our site, and the complete Vaughan Shoes user experience that we pride ourselves on providing our customers.

How to contact us

We always want to hear from our customers (especially if you feel we’ve let you down or could do better).
If you:
Have any questions or feedback about this notice.
Would like us to stop using your information.
Want to exercise any of your rights as set out above, or have a complaint.
please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team at, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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