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Kids Measuring Advice & Bookings

How To Measure Kids Feet

To measure your kids feet follow these easy steps; all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler!

  • Place the sheet of paper on a flat surface, with the end against a straight edge (e.g wall or skirting board)

  • Place the foot on the sheet of paper, with the heel against the same straight edge

  • Draw a small line in front of your longest toe (the longest toe may not always be the 'Big Toe')

  • Place the ruler on the sheet, touching the straight edge the sheet is also touching.

  • Measure the length in millimetres from the tip of the longest toe to edge of the sheet, back towards the heel.

  • Use this measurement alongside the tables below to find the shoe size.

  • Remember to measure both feet as they might be slightly different. Let the longest foot decide your shoe size.

SizeFoot Lenght (cm)Shop Now
1911.4 - 12.0Show Me Size 19!
2012.0 - 12.6Show Me Size 20!
2112.6 - 13.2Show Me Size 21!
2213.2 - 13.8Show Me Size 22!
2313.8 - 14.4Show Me Size 23!
2414.4 - 15.0Show Me Size 24!
2515.0 - 15.6Show Me Size 25!
2615.6 - 16.2Show Me Size 26!
2716.2 - 16.9Show Me Size 27!
2816.9 - 17.5Show Me Size 28!
2917.5 - 18.2Show Me Size 29!
3018.2 - 18.8Show Me Size 30!

Vaughan Shoes - Fitting Tips

Once you receive your brand new shoes it is important to check the fit to ensure their comfort and foot health. Here are the steps you can follow:

Have your child try on the shoe:

  • Have your child put on the shoe and lace or fasten it up as they would normally wear it.
  • Make sure they are wearing the type of socks they would normally wear with the shoes.

Check the fit:

  • The heel should fit snugly and not slip out of the shoe when walking.
  • The toes should have enough space to wiggle freely, but not too much that there is a significant gap between the toes and the front of the shoe.
  • The shoe should feel comfortable and not pinch or rub in any areas.
  • There should be enough space in the width of the shoe to accommodate the foot.

Walk around:

  • Have your child walk around in the shoes for a few minutes to see how they feel.
  • Ask them if they feel comfortable and if the shoe fits well.

Check the length and width:

  • Check the length and width of the shoe by feeling the end of the shoe with your fingers.
  • There should be about a thumb's width of space between the end of the shoe and your child's longest toe.

Repeat with the other foot:

  • Repeat the above steps with the other foot to ensure that both shoes fit well.

Remember, as children's feet grow quickly, it is important to regularly check their shoe size and replace shoes that no longer fit well. 

A child’s foot will grow approximately 3 whole sizes in their first year and then approximately 2 whole sizes each year after that until they reach about 5 years of age.

Take advantage of our in-store measure and fit expertise!

From their very first crawling shoes to robust and stylish school shoes, our kids in-store fitting experts will help you find the perfect fit for their growing feet. 

Skip the queues and book a personalised 30-minute measure and fit appointment at a time that suits you. 

Appointments are currently available in our CASTLEBAR STORE ONLY,  from Wednesday - Saturday, 10am - 5pm (last appointment 4:30pm)


Did you know, during their first three or four years, kids’ feet can grow as much as two whole shoe sizes each year?

Correctly fitting shoes enable little feet to grow and develop naturally and provide the necessary support they need to take those first wobbly steps and adventures.

That's why it's important to have your child's shoes checked and feet measured regularly by a trained in-store fitter.

Older Kids & School Shoe Fittings

By school age, kids' feet continue to grow on average one size a year.

But, of course, every child is different, so it's important to get their feet measured regularly to ensure they're wearing shoes that fit perfectly.

Plus, bring along their most recent pair of shoes and our expert in-store fitters will be happy to check if they're still the right size.

We’ve made some changes to our store to provide a safe shopping experience for you and your family.

  • Respecting social distancing

  • Protective screens and equipment

  • Face coverings

  • Hand sanitisation 

  • Stores cleaned frequently

  • Don’t fancy contact? Our fitters can advise on how to measure & fit yourself


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