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Shoe Care

General Guidelines   

  • Always allow footwear to dry naturally and never put them  near direct heat.
  • Use a shoe horn to assist with putting on your shoes, to keep the heel from losing its shape.
  • New shoes should initially be worn for no more than two or three hours at a time. Only when the shoes and the feet have become accustomed to each other should they be worn for a whole day.
  • Try to wear your shoes in dry conditions for the first few occasions. Avoid getting your shoes extremely wet, should this occur allow your shoes to dry naturally on shoe trees and lay the shoes on their sides rather than on their soles. Never use direct heat.
  • Always use a shoe horn when putting on your shoes whether they are slip-ons, buckled or lace-ups, otherwise the back of the shoe will be weakened.
  • Do not wear the same shoes on two successive days. The leather needs time to dry and recover after each wearing.
  • You can wipe the shoes down and apply a quality cream or wax polish after every wearing to feed the leather and prevent cracking, even if the shoes do not appear to have lost any of their original shine.
  • Repair your shoes in good time by using a reputable repairer. The majority of our shoes can be returned to the manufacturer for a full rebuild on the original last.
  • Why not keep the shoe boxes & use them to store your shoes in. This will keep your shoes protected & looking better for longer.

Cleaning & Maintaining Shoes

  • Before you wear your new suede/nubuck shoes we recommend that you treat them with a  protective spray.
  • The  suede can be restored by using a suede brush.
  • If your suede shoes get wet, stuff them with newspaper while they dry to keep their shape.
  • Use a polish or cream. Apply evenly to shoe with a brush or soft cloth. Allow it to dry in.  Once the shoe is dry, buff using a natural bristle brush.
  • Let leather boots dry naturally, stuff old news paper inside the boots if the insides are wet. Keep them away from direct heat, ie. beside the fire or radiator, as this will dry and stiffen the leather which then causes cracks in it.
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